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How to improve your presentation skills








Presentation skills and public speaking are very useful in many aspects of work and life. They are very important in marketing sector, business, training,teaching and generally feeling comfortable to people you meet.


Presentation skills are a set of abilities help you to interact with the audience, engaged the audience to the presentation, transmit messages with clarity and understand and interpreter mindsets of your audience.

To develop your presentation skills, you need to work hard and requires a lot of efforts.


How do we develop presentation skills?


        1.Understand and research about the audience before you prepare presentation.








  • Get a better understand about the audience.
  • Identify the traits of the audience.
  • Get a brief idea about the audiences’ preferences,for instance in case of an analytical audience,you can include more facts and figures to your presentation.


        2.Gather effective facts and structure your presentation.








  • First of all collect related facts regarding to your topic.
  • Make an attractive introduction.
  • Include what you are going to present in the introduction.
  • Make a proper flow in the presentation.
  • Finish it out by repeating the main points that you have mentioned all through the presentation


.   3.Practice well.





  • Don’t go for memorizing the presentation.
  •  Keep practicing, because rehearsals reduce your anxiety and make your confident level high in the presentation day.
  • Make sure that you practice out loud,because it enables you to identify your errors and helps you to eliminate it.
  • Don’t try to memorize anything while you are doing the presentation, because it will make your presentation look mechanical.


     ***On the day of presentation***


  1.  Arrive early.
  2. Check the equipments and accessories you need.
  3. Be confident.Avoid distractions.
  4. Have a water bottle aside.
  5. Introduce yourself and tell them what you are going to present.
  6. Make eye contact with the audience.
  7. Be pleasant.Smile and enjoy it.
  8. Don’t speed up.Take a moment to breathe between each point.
  9. Be aware of your body language.Don’t stand in front of the screen when projector is on.
  10. Leave time for questioning.








           Interaction with others is a routine job of business nowadays.Having good presentation skills is not only increases and individual chances of success, but also enables him to add greatly to the organisation.


        Accept your fears.Don’t try to fight the fear.Prepare more.Reduce your nervousness and anxiety.

Remember jitters aren’t all bad-harness that nervous energy.Transform them into positive enthusiasm and then you will be GOLDEN.

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