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How to be successful in life

 “What is success? I think it is a mixture of having a Flair for the thing that you are doing; knowing that it is not enough,that you have got to have hard work and certain sense of purpose”

-Margaret Thatcher-


  We all are born for a reason and we all have a special role to play in this society. ‘Success’ is a thing that we are yearning to have in our lives. To earn success,you should work hard with dedication and keep believe in your capabilities. How do we earn success? What do we need to follow to be success?Let’s see.


   1.Stay away from stagnating thoughts.

Don’t let negativity to erase your strengths.Allow positive thoughts to embrace your brain.Step out of your comfort zone and try  new things and  add experiences to your life.


2. Focus on commitments.

Seek knowledge not results.Focus on what you are doing,pay attention to the excitement of exploring,improving,discovering and experimenting.That will always fill up your motivations.


3. Stop cuddling yourself.

Motivations means actions that bring results.Sometimes your actions fail to bring the expected results.At that time don’t try to be nice to yourself,cuddle yourself.Secure your positivities by negative impacts.Identify your mistakes and be sure that you won’t repeat it.


4.Get rid of distractions.

Always work in a plan.Maintain peace in your mind, when you are experiencing difficulties you need to be even more energetic. If you want to achieve success,put barriers to your mind to avoid distractions.Don’t consider your failures as your weaknesses.Convert all the weaknesses into strengths. If you will start carrying a heavy emotional weight, you will definitely stuck at one moment of your life.


5. Plans.

Without a proper plan we can’t achieve anything in our lives. A proper plan is the key point to a successful life. Always make two plans in your life.Plan A and plan B. Plan A will be your majority.If you fail to accomplish plan A, then you have your back up plan,that is plan B. Stay prepared and plan your life and your career with least mistakes and keep working on it.


6. Measure your productivity by engagement not achievements.

It is perfectly fine to spend some time doing nothing, being lazy.Because it will eventually help your imaginations and self awareness. Peace in mind will give you new ideas and new plannings. Always concern about the productivity and get engage in new plans and projects.Don’t consider about the achievements.Pay more attention on what you are doing.


7. Identify your passions.

Sometimes some people take years to identify your passions, interest and skills you have.After you realise it You regret about the time you’ve ruined doing nothing in your life.So try to identify your passions, try to identify who you are and what to do for. If you have a trouble in recognizing your talents then ask from your loved ones and get their opinions about you.Because sometimes they know you better than anyone else.


8. Don’t compare yourself with others.

Don’t measure your status with other people around you. If you want to feel accomplished and happy, you have to value your life and your achievements. Accept you as who you are and how you are.Remember that no matter how they look perfect outside, behind closed doors, everybody deals with tragedy,insecurities and difficulties. If you want to compare yourself with others, think about the people who are homeless, chronically ill and living in poverty.It will help you to appreciate the status you are.


Follow up every opportunities you have.Surround yourself with positive people.Get close to the people who are kind, happy,generous, successful at work and life in every way. Don’t choose the ones who sucking your energy. Look for mentors among the people you admire. Set smart goals. Avoid canceling plans, be aware that you are not cancel twice on the same person. Always think small, work hard and achieve what you want in your life.BE SUCCESSFUL🙂


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