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Be a good leader

             A leader is someone who can understand how things can be improved and who coordinates his followers and move them towards right direction. A good leader always creates an inspiring vision of the future and motivates people to engage with that vision.Leadership skills hold a main place in career development and also in real life. They are considered as the important traits that can reach you to the top of your carrier field.


         There are some born leaders. They automatically possess leadership qualities and skills. But most of us need to learn and practice leadership skills. There are several strategies found useful in the art of successful leadership and supervision.


   *Be a good listener





Generally people don’t know how to be a good listener.Some people just don’t prefer to listen others.They only follow their ways and plans. But being egoistic don’t work in everytime. Only a good listener can achieve success in their career, because team effort always give you the best results than being individual.

So what do we need to consider listen effectively?

  •  First of all avoid distractions.
  •  Be aware about yours and others body language and gestures. Because communication is not only about verbal communication.
  • Always maintain eye contact when conveying ideas.
  • Try to determine what people are really saying.
  • Eliminate bias in your thoughts about the person, otherwise you will never comprehend what he is saying.


   * Build up their mentality


  • Make your followers feel proud about the job. They are doing. Recognise what people expect from their jobs.Know their preferences.
  • Recognition is more important than paying a salary to your employees. They want to be given credit for the good job they are doing.
  • Always praised them.Appreciate what they are doing and motivate them every time.
  • Motivation makes a strong self confidence in every person.


     * Analyze your strengths and      weaknesses





  •  Identify you as a person.
  • Rate yourself of your own.
  • If you have more weak points then convert all of them into plus points of your life.
  • Gather knowledge everytime. Consider everything as a lesson of your life.


     *Practice discipline




  • The art of dealing with people is discipline.
  • A leader should practice to behave firmly and gently with his employees.
  • Never embarass your employees.
  • Try to be nice to everyone.
  • Consider others opinions and suggestions before making the final decision.
  • Avoid arguments.
  • When you facing an unexpected matters,try to discuss about the situation as soon as possible.
  • Control your emotions.
  • Treat everyone fairly.
  • Try to get commitments from others to do better in future.
  • Handle problems cleverly.


    *Identify your team




  • A good leader is always familiar with his team members.
  • Identify their capabilities
  • identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Start with a simple conversation and get a brief idea about each person.
  • Make a strong team spirit within your team
  • Recognize what your team want
  • Know their preferences.
  • Assign them routine tasks or challenges and measure their capacities.






  • A good leader always motivate his followers.
  • Make their self confidence stronger.
  • Keep your followers informed,challenge them and allow them to grow.
  • Appreciate their work.
  • Be an inspiration to your followers.
  • Praise their hard work.
  • Let them to contribute.






Great leaders are constantly learning and are likely to have learnt most of their qualities from someone else.




It is important to never believe that you have learnt everything,keep developing skills and never stop learning new things. Explore and discover evertime and gather new experiences to your life.Make yourself stronger collect set of skills and become a effective leader.



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